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about Jackie

Jackie M was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada but soon after moved to Switzerland where she spent some of the most influential and inspirational years of her life.  It was there she would explore medieval European cities, spend hot summers with cousins at French countryside farms, or enjoy countless winters skiing in the Swiss Alps.  Learning to knit from her Dutch Oma, who was rumoured to complete whole scarves in her sleep, Jackie soon started creating her own designs.  It was perhaps in these times Jackie M’s style and artistic diversity began to take form.


It was not until 2013, Jackie M decided to take the leap back into the creative world, this time developing her own brand and fashion line of hand-knit creations in the eclectic urban rustic fusion that has become her signature.


By combining chunky wools and wooden features with industrial greys, pop art colour and modern embellishments; she achieves a unique yet comfortable harmony, bridging a gap between our natural selves and our stylistic desires.


Jackie M now resides in Ontario, Canada.

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