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Go-to-Have Infinity Scarf

Go-to-Have Infinity Scarf

C$80.00 Regular Price
C$35.00Sale Price
Simple is the new elegant.  This elegant infinity scarf provides versatility in both fashion and function. The amount of warmth and insulation it provides depends solely on the way it's worn.  The more you loop it around, the warmer you'll be, and this scarf can be looped 3 times!  It adds style and sophistication to any coat or jacket, or when worn indoors will enhance any top you're wearing.  The colour of this scarf is medium grey and can be worn by women or men alike.   
  • Details

    Hand-made and designed by Jackie M
    Material: 100% Pure Wool
    Circumference: 62" (158 cm) laid flat
    Width: 11" (28 cm) laid flat
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