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Infinity Hoody

Infinity Hoody

This scarf provides a hat and scarf in one!  It is both practical and fashionable and can be worn in so many different ways.  It's a cool look for both men and women alike!  The more you loop it around you, the warmer you'll be...not warm enough?  Add a hoodie to the mix.  

It is available in a multitude of colours so please indicate which colour you would like. Colour options are shown in the picture gallery of this item. This one's in Fisherman White.
  • Details

    Hand-made and designed by Jackie M
    Material: Wool/Acrylic blend
    Scarf length: 33" (84 cm) laid flat
    Scarf width: 9" (23 cm) laid flat
    Hoodie length: 12" (31 cm) laid flat
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