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The Pom Pom

The Pom Pom

This hat is super cool and keeps you warm and cozy at the same time.  It can be worn as a slouchy hat or beanie.  And who doesn't like pom poms?  What colour would you like the hat? and what colour will the pom pom be?  You decide.

It is available in a multitude of colours so please indicate which colour you would like. Colour options are shown in the picture gallery of this item. This one's in Oatmeal and the pom pom is in Dark Grey.

Just type in the available space below which colour the hat AND which colour the pom pom should be.

  • Details

    Hand-made and designed by Jackie M
    Material: Wool/Acrylic blend
    Length: 11" (28 cm) laid flat
    Width: 8" (23 cm) laid flat
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