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The Stubby

The Stubby

This chunky knit snood simply slips over your head to keep the neck warm.  It's a great alternative to a turtleneck.  It sits easily above or under your jacket or coat.  This snood is perfect for both guys and gals.  It can also be layered by wearing more than one, stacking up different colours just for the fun of it!  The ones pictured are Avocado Green, Autumn Orange, Fisherman White and Wine Red. (Sold Individually)

It is available in a multitude of colours, so please indicate which colour you would like. Colour options are shown in the picture gallery of this item.
  • Details

    Hand-made and designed by Jackie M
    Material: Wool/Acrylic blend
    Length: 10" (25.5 cm) laid flat
    Width: 10" (25.5 cm) laid flat
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