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Work Sock Mock

Work Sock Mock

This is a great, chunky, rustic yet fashionable boot cuff which can be worn with so many types of boots!  You can wear it striped side up or, if you don't want to show stripes, then you can wear it upside down and only show the Oatmeal colour side.  Or you can keep the whole cuff exposed and just tuck it in a little at the bottom.  So many options.  On top of that, you could also wear it as an arm cuff, the choice it yours.  

The 2 main colours in this cuff are Oatmeal and Fisherman White, the stripes are Autumn Orange and Charcoal.
  • Details

    Hand-made and designed by Jackie M
    Length: 8 1/2" (22 cm) laid flat
    Width: 5" (13 cm) laid flat
    Material: Wool/Acrylic blend
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